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CambridgeCourse Code: 309 Apr 2021

In-Class Dates:
Apr 15, Apr 16, Apr 17, Apr 18

Four Day Condensed: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
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Terms & Conditions
  1. ProDrivers Terms & Conditions
    1. The complete BDE program consists of 20 hours of in class, 10 hours of in-car and 10 hours of home based learning(Home Work).
  2. 2. Charges for using the instructors car for the M.T.O. road test will apply in addition to the course fee if you are registering for BRONZE package.
  3. 3. A $25 charge will apply for a NSF cheque.
  4. 4. Should you decide to drop out after starting your course, the entire fee will be refunded, except for those hours already attended plus a $45 administration charge.
  5. 5. Student information will be disclosed to M.T.O, Insurance bureau of Canada, and course auditors.
  6. 6. The complete course (Classroom, In car and Home based learning) must be completed within one (1) year from the starting date to qualify for insurance certification. After one year the contract is automatically cancelled and no refunds will be made.
  7. 7. Upon successful completion of all three components of the program student will be certified on-line with the M.T.O.
  8. 8. It takes 3 to 5 business days to certify a student with M.T.O,
  9. 9. It is students responsibility to make sure if he/she has been certified by checking certification status on our website at prior to booking road test .
  10. 10. In-car appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be subject to a charge of a full lesson.
  11. 11. Students are responsible for having their learners licence, eye glasses/contact lenses at all times during the in car training.
  12. 12. Certification could be denied due to:
    a) Failure to successfully complete the required hours
    b) Failure of the in class test or In car test conducted by the school.

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