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Welcome to Kitchener Pro Drivers!

Our mission is to provide quality and comprehensive driver education and training.

ProDrivers has proven itself to be one of the best drivers training schools in Ontario.

We have been training drivers for over 10 years, with a passing rate of 95%.

Here at ProDrivers we have over 50,000 hours of driving instruction experience, which gives you the full confidence to become a safe and defensive driver, and make you succeed in passing your G2, G road tests.

Some features of our program:

Our programs consist of 40 hours of training in total.

  • 20 hours of In-Class and 10 hours In-Car lessons along with 10 hours of home based learning.
  • Allow G1 Road Test after 8 months instead of 12 months upon the completion of the full course
  • Learn the latest defensive techniques
  • Free pickup and drop off service for In-car lessons
  • City and highway driving with special attention to nervous drivers
  • Affordable fees, payment plans, and flexible schedules
  • Learn parallel parking, 3 point turn, freeway driving and all defensive maneuvers
  • Specializing in private individual In-Car lessons for G1, G2 road test