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Corporate Driver Training

Protect your workforce with
Corporate Driver Training!

Save on time, money, insurance, legal fees and vehicle rentals by training your drivers at Prodrivers.

When you think of drivers training, you may just associate it with teenagers just beginning to drive. However, drivers training can be very effectively used to build and maintain safe drivers within workplace.

Drivers that pose the most risk on the road can be divided into two main groups:

  • Drivers between the ages of 17 and 25
  • Company drivers

Drivers who are in the 17-25 age range experience many accidents mainly due to the lack of experience and immaturity. However, company drivers experience a high number of accidents and are at more risk because of the time they spend on the road driving. It is common to develop poor driving habits for those drivers who drive for extended periods of time.

Traffic safety is training that you can't afford to overlook

Our corporate driver training is designed to provide valuable lessons and training to all of your company drivers. It is an excellent way to re-educate and maintain one's driving skills and best practices.

Our training will help your drivers to:
  • Minimize the risk of driving-related accidents
  • Minimize the stress that can build up on a driver while driving
  • Reduce the potential for unnessesary accidents. Thus, minimizing the potential for missing work due to injury from accidents and reducing the cost of vehicle repairs.
  • Potentially lower insurance premiums
  • Obtain a better health & safety record on the road
  • Become better drivers

If you have any questions regarding Prodrivers driver training, our curriculum, or how we can work together for your corporate needs, please contact us at 1-519-267-8838 or send us an e-mail at