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Drivers Training For Seniors

Refresh Your Driving Skills and
Stay Up-To-Date on Current Driving Laws

Increase your driving confidence with Prodrivers!

Our drivers training program for seniors aims to ensure driver mobility for as long as it is safely possible.

As a senior, you have most likely been driving for many years. It is possible that you have never even had an accident. However, as part of the aging process, people begin to notice gradual changes:

  • Reduced vision
  • Hearing issues
  • Slower reaction time
  • Easily distracted/minimized concentration
  • Lack of coordination

Since these changes do not occur overnight, it can be hard to see how they affect your driving abilities. This is where the importance of drivers training comes into play.

We offer private, one-on-one driver training to seniors who need to keep their skills current and up to date. This can help greatly in minimizing the overall stress associated with driving.

Our seniors driver training helps drivers to:
  • Gain more confidence driving
  • Improve your awareness of traffic hazards
  • Update yourself on traffic laws
  • Anticipate the actions of other drivers
  • Identify and correct inproper driving habits
Strengths Of Senior Drivers

Senior drivers often have a wealth of experience behind the wheel. This experience relates to senior drivers generally having a good judgement while driving aswell.

They are also very responsible. Overall, as a group seniors have a low rate of drinking and driving. They also have a good ability to adapt.

Over the years, traffic and road changes have changed and seniors have been able to adapt to the changes. Many senior drivers make changes to their overall driving habits. For example, many choose not to drive at night, in heavy traffic or in adverse weather conditions. This ability to recognize one's abilities and adapt to changes is very important as the effects of aging develop.

Driving Tips For Seniors
  • Plan your outings during daylight hours
  • Avoid busy freeways
  • Avoid driving in poor weather
  • Have regular eye checkups
  • Leave more space when following vehicles
  • Don't stare at the vehicle in front of you
  • Take driving lessons with Prodrivers to update and maintain your driving skills

If you have any questions regarding our Prodrivers driver training for seniors, please contact us at 1-519-267-8838 or send us an e-mail at